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that’s basically what happened 


Wake up, John! A new case.

'Nice stationery. Bohemian. She used a fountain pen. Parker Duofold, Meridian nib.' 'She?' 'Obviously.' 'Obviously.’

I fell asleep in the chair by the fireplace.
And I woke up in the kitchen sink with an umbrella full of holes overtop my head. And I fell asleep on the table with your picture in hand. And I woke up in the cupboard with some scrapes on my arms and a mouthful of hell. 




im rewatching series 1 of sherlock and it was such a simpler time there were no babies and mads mikkelsens brother wasnt licking people or pissing anywhere. the elderly were just being blown up. i kinda miss the good old days

yeah Moriarty, don’t pretend you don’t remember that



i like when people are like, “elementary isn’t sherlock” because yeah, you’re right! because if it was, we’d hear vague asian music playing every time lucy liu was on-screen


actual sherlock script



And here we see Molly Hooper making Sherlock Holmes apologize with a single look.

#if you think Sherlock is in charge of this operation #let me direct you to Molly Hooper

“Most people blunder around this city and all they see are streets and shops and cars. When you walk with Sherlock Holmes you see the battlefield.”